Our Services

Professional web design services from start to finish.

We offer a complete web design service from start to finish. Our wish is to help our customers stand out to potential customers and give them the best possible digital experience.

We know some customers find getting a website for their business can be confusing and frustrating when some firms use complicated terminology and unexplained hidden costs. In response to this, here at TJ Design we make it extremely easy for everyone, even customers with little or no technical knowledge to get online. We achieve this by clearly explaining all costs upfront and making sure the customer understands all the facts before any work begins.

Mobile Ready

In 2018, a whopping 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones!

In a world driven by a dominating internet and mobile devices, you shouldn’t overlook this important factor.

Having a website that is setup to work across devices ensures that you won’t be excluding customers and in fact be providing them the most optimal, speedy and sleek platform.

As standard our sites are designed to work cross-platform from PC’s to mobile screens and everything in between.

Our Services

We offer a complete service from start to finish to give our clients piece of mind. These services are bespoke to your project, assessed on a case by case basis and included within the quote price and clearly explained.

Website Design

We design the physical look and flow of the site depending on your needs and requirements.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content, examples include online shopping platforms, user registration, email marketing, customer booking systems.

Domains & Email

Domain names (your website address e.g and email adresses ( can be provided with your service. If you already have these we can transfer them over to your new site.

Bespoke Needs Catered For

As each project we undertake is completely unique, we’re faced with a huge variety of different websites and web applications. We’d love to talk to you about your bespoke needs. Get in touch!

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the service that keeps your website online. All websites are physically located on a specially designed computer known as a Web Server.

Having a high performance server in a high speed data centre means your website will enjoy the highest speeds and performance.

Location, location, location…

We host all our clients within our specially designed London data centres, giving you unrivalled speed and security.

From the Black Country with love

In ten years since conception TJ Design has helped companies and individuals get online and connected in the digital world with beautiful website designs and intelligent solutions.

Based in the Black Country, the heart of the West Midlands. TJ Design brings 10 years of experience to the field in Web Design.

In this time we’ve been helping business get online and get ahead of the competition with unrivalled success.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we’ve built a solid reputation in the Black Country and the wider UK!